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Install apps onto Android Emulator (for Ubuntu)

First, make sure your ~/.bash_aliases has the $PATH set to \platform-tools: PATH=$PATH:$HOME/Development/AndroidSDK:$HOME/Development/AndroidSDK/platform-tools export PATH Then: adb install

Recursion tips for chmod

It’s possible to change permissions recursively with chmod by using -r (or –recursive). So, ro change permissions for files and folders recursively use: chmod -r 777 directory To find all files with permission 600, then set them to 644 use: find /home/user/directory_to_start -type f -perm 600 -print -exec chmod 644 {} \; Do the same [...]

Best DVD Ripping Software for Ubuntu

I have a two year old. The little guy is notorious for destroying things, including DVDs. We do our best to keep the DVDs out of his little mitts, but as any parent knows, it’s easier said than done. So I’ve had to backup a number of DVDs, and for me, the following are the [...]